Rules & Regulations


The School Diary  and a separate calendar for school activities is given to each student. The students and the parents should read and assimilate them and help in maintaining the discipline of the school.

Short fair cut hair for boys and a neat plait with white band for girls is expected. Coloring of hair is not permitted. Make-up, jewellery and fancy clothes are not allowed in the school during the regular academic / working days. However, a plain stud or ring in the ear is permissible for girls only. Black shoes to be worn on all six days of the week and white PT shoes for sports.

Books: Text books and essential stationery are available in school for parents convenience.

Discipline: It is an important value in life. It is a long process gradually leading the child to pass an objective judgment on his own behaviour. Students have to wear a identity card in the school premises. Students who come to school in their own transport should arrive at school before the bell rings.

Gifts : Giving money or gifts to the staff members is prohibited.

Medical : The school will not be held responsible for any injury suffered by a student, for his/ her loss of life during activities such as games, sport, mountaineering expedition and camping or anywhere in the school premises. Consent of the parent/guardian is taken for granted for any surgery, if necessary, to be performed on a student, and a declaration that the school authorities will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences thereof, are statutory demands expected of the parents. However, in case of any emergency, on the advice of the medical authorities, the school will be given permission to carry our emergency surgery. This will be resorted to when time is at a premium and it is difficult to contact the parent and obtain their permission for the operation.

Exam Certificates : The Final external examination certificates of a student should be collected from the school personally by the parents and not by any other person.

Travel Arrangement: The School will not undertake to make the travel arrangements of the student if the requisition for the same is made after the date stipulated in the school circulars / calendar / diary.

Smoking: Smoking is strictly banned within the school premises for the students, parents, guardians and visitors. The school reserves the right to expel a student at any time for indulging in misconduct or any discipline case. Such students, depending on the severity of the offence, may be escorted home and handed over to the parents at their expense and the TC will be issued immediately with the remark “expelled for misconduct”.