Important Do’s and Don’ts

.  Students must attend the school neatly in prescribed uniform. No relaxation in this matter will be allowed.

.  No student can leave the campus without prior written permission of the school authority.

.  The student will be handed over to authorized person only.

.  Students are responsible for their personal belongings and are not allowed to bring in any electronic gadget viz mobile, laptop,etc., or cash and any other valuables.

.  In the event of loss of identity card; it must be notified immediately at the school office so that a  duplicate card may be issued on payment.

.  It’s compulsory for the student to have minimum 75% attendance to appear in the final exam. The total meetings are counted from the day of the opening of the school.

.  Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in work, dishonesty, obscenity in words or action, disobedience, serious misconduct, threat in or outside the school are sufficient grounds for the dismissal of a student.

.  Any damage to the school property or to that of any other student will have to be compensated by offender or his/her parents/ guardian.

. Every student is required to be present in school five minutes before the warning bell otherwise they will be sent back.

. A student suffering from any infectious disease must complete the quarantine period before joining the school.

. Students are required to speak only in English in the school premises.

. All lunch boxes, with a label bearing name and class of the student should be handed over to the peon at the gate.

. No parents will be allowed to see their ward in recess without permission sought from the office.

. Continuous absence from the school for seven days ( without application ) will lead to cancellation of admission.

. Mishaps:  Although every possible care will be taken with regard to your child’s safety, but the school management and staff members will not be responsible for any injury, accident or mishap that may occur to the child in or around the school, traveling to and from school, during excursions/ outings.

  • In case a child is to be withdrawn from the school during the academic year at least a month’s notice of withdrawals must be given in written by the parent/guardian, otherwise the parents would be required to pay the fee for the following complete year as well. Transfer Certificate can be issued only after the fee and dues have been cleared by the parents.
  • Parents should appreciate that excessive absence from school on the part of child has an adverse affect on the child’s progress. The school seeks the active support and cooperation of the parents in maintaining the high disciplinary standards that will ultimately benefit the child.
  • The school manages a bus / auto service in Jaipur. The school does not undertake to run buses to all the areas, and parents cannot expect the buses to be routed entirely for individual convenience though every endeavour is made to suit each family. Parents are requested to kindly wait at the Pick-Up /Drop Off points at least 5 minutes in advance.