Parenting tips

  • A child brought up in an atmosphere of love & fun and feeling safe & secure. This is the greatest gift you can give your child.
  • Establish “together time”. Establish a regular weekly routine for doing something special with your child – even if it is just going out for an ice cream.
  • Get to know your kid’s friends and their parents so that you are familiar with their activities.
  • Try to be there after school when your child gets home.
  • Be a better listener. Ask and encourage questions. Showing your willingness to listen will make your child feel more comfortable about opening up to you.
  • Do not react in a way that will cut off further discussion. If your child says things that shock you, turn them into a calm discussion.



• Let your preschooler eat what you eat.

• Healthy eating on-the-go is possible. Offer a variety of foods every day.

• Encourage healthy eating for everyone in the family.

• Let your child decide if they are full or hungry.

• Offer healthy snacks between meals.

• Encourage children to help prepare meals.

• Encourage water rather than sweet drinks.

• Enjoy family mealtimes and activities together.

• Plan meals and snacks and reduce mindless eating. (No eating in front of TV).

• Be flexible. Some children in this age group are still fussy, so offer a wide variety of foods and regular meals and snacks, and allow the child to eat according to his/her appetite without force or arguments.

• Be the change you are trying to create. Don’t be a habitual offender of the very rules you are trying to enforce on your child.