JINGLE BELLS – The Play School

Sand Dunes has launched Jinglebells- a play way that has been designed to enrich the child’s development in a holistic manner. The curriculum is focused on a balance between spontaneous and guided learning experiences.

At the age of about 2 years, the child is given the opportunity to explore and experiment. The children develop independence, language skills, sensory awareness, order, and routine through peer group interaction.

The Jinglebells teachers create cognitive stimulation to have the Child engaged in active thinking, discovery learning and environmental interaction. The aim is to help children see themselves as individuals and encourage them to continually express themselves in their own ways and to inculcate proper values and good habits.

Listening to stories makes education come alive. Digital classes include character narration, interesting supplementary facts, sound effects, poems, rhymes and songs.

The magic wand of Jinglebells unravels Colours, Numbers, Alphabets, Music, the Animal Kingdom and adorable puppets to help children increase their attention span

At Jinglebells, we will initiate a child into semi formal schooling. Though, “curriculum” is a very heavy word to use for such little hands and feet, there will be on offer many activities which are designed to introduce the children to the foundation of music, art, math, science and language.

SDA believes in providing a school environment that is clean and attractive, safe and secure, stimulating and enjoyable. Jingle Bell is driven by a commitment to nurture your child’s potential from basics to beyond.

jingle bells

How do we do it

Children need to feel safe, and have classrooms that combine wonder and energy, while fostering a tone that allows even the most quiet and sensitive child an equal opportunity to interact with the teachers and helpers. For the Montessori children we have Swings, Sliding, Attractive & Educational Toys, Play way system and teaching aids. We have advanced multimedia gizmos and gadgets as well as the arrangements for providing education through a well equipped Computer Lab, so as not to give feelings to the small children that they are burdened in any way. Children learn through their senses and movements through everyday activities i.e. Imitation, Practice & instruction. Each day in school is different and filled with new discoveries. Education here is a joyful, creative and an exhilarative experience.


The Montessori classes consists of class Play group to Prep.

Minimum Age for respective classes are :

  1. Play Group – 2 yrs. +
  2. Nursery – 3 yrs. +
  3. K.G – 4 yrs. +
  4. Prep – 5 yrs. +



    The Child’s World Widen

    In the Foundation years, the child has an opportunity to like a number of other children of approximately his/her/own age. He/She learns to make friends to participate in group activities.

    The Child’s Growth through Play

    Play activities consume most of the child’s time and through play he/she is learning about himself/herself and about his/her place in the world. This play world stimulates all phases of the child’s growth such as physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth.

    Physical Growth

    The Foundation Years equipment and material is specially planned to meet the child’s needs. The child is challenged to use his/her large and small muscles by slides, swings, play, using drawing paper and other equipments. They enjoy the freedom of rhythm.

    Social Growth

    The child learns that he/she is now a member of a large social group. It is helpful if they know few children who will be in their group; they gradually begin to find friends and learn to take criticism. They reach a better understanding of their relationship with their parents.

    Emotional Growth

    As the child comes in contact with many children, they have to learn eventually to share both their possessions and affection with others. They find satisfaction in independent activity as well as pleasure in group experience.

    Intellectual Growth

    The child learns to take interest in Mathematics through concept of numbers, variety of concrete Materials, Simple Addition and Subtractions are taught.

    Science and Health

    Science and Health are taught as one of the major subjects to increase the interest, appreciation and knowledge of the natural beauty of child’s surrounding. Challenging materials and learning experiences in the class, both indoor and outdoor and on the playground help the child develop independence in solving his/her own problems

    Language Arts

    The overall aim is to develop skill in all phases of communication listening, speaking and writing.

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