The  academic assessment is both Formative and Summative. Individual reports of student’s scholastic and non scholastic areas achievements are kept. We keep precise records of what your child’s activities at school. The report cards are based on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation as well as all other activities, tests, projects, orals and exams. We conduct parent-teacher meeting (P.T.M.) on every last working day of the month and look for a positive open communication with every parent.

Project works / assignments are a requisite part of studies. They inspire creativity and spirit of enquiry among students.

We have the pattern of 5 Assessment tests, 3 Unit tests and 2 Term exams. Each and every test / exam is important and marks are added in aggregate. Absentees are not given the chance of re examination under any circumstances.

Methodology we adopt : We take into account parent’s wishes and expectations, as well as the pupil’s own abilities and interests. We work hard to have a balance between the teaching styles and methodology keeping child into account. We ensure that customized and personalized plans of action are taken to conciliate those with special requirements. Parents receive a report that include a quantitative and qualitative assessment of all the aspects carried out in the school.